TACO TUESDAY!! : Introductions

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the first ever, TACO TUESDAY!!! My name is Mel, and I cohost these blog posts with the fantastically magical, Taco Tim!


Well isn’t he just a beauty.

Anyways, Taco Tuesday is all about random weird facts, trivia, anything I find cool or interesting, and everything else that is awesome. Taco Tuesday is here to fill you brain with random nonsense that will have zero applicability to real life. Or will it?

I would love to know what random things you, the lovely explorers who found this blog, would like to know. The weirder and more obscure, the better. Of course, Taco Tim and I love science too. We are planning something along the lines of the impact of stress on teens. Cause, hey, why not?

So my lovely explorers, log in next Tuesday for more lovely Taco content, and make sure to comment about how beautiful Taco Tim is (he has pretty low self esteem and needs compliments every once in a while). Thanks for reading!




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