Saturday Shopping Mini Haul


Hello everyone- sorry I’m so late posting today!

Over the weekend, I got to take advantage of some of Montreal’s fantastic shopping! I only got two things (college students aren’t made of money) but I am very excited about my purchases and wanted to share them with you!

The first item is a fabulous moon graphic tea from Roots Canada. I love the woodsy vibes their store gives off, and when I saw this tee (which I had been oggling online for a while) on sale, I grabbed it without hesitation.

A closeup of the moon graphic.

The tea is oversized and so comfy, I can’t wait to wear it.

Next is a wonderful collection of teas from DavidsTea!

The packaging looks amazing- as usual with DavidsTea

I get some great camping vibes from the package, and I can’t wait to break into each of these teas.


Included are 5 different fall teas, and 20 tea filters. Flavors include granola crunch, pom cider, carrot cupcake, blueberry muffin, and pumpkin chai. All lovely and fall inspired.

Love the fall colours.
My mug of pom cider ❤

And now for a new segment: Tea of the Week! This week, the lovely pom cider. This tea manages to combine a bright pomegranate flavor with a warming black tea. It gives off a lovely reddish colour, and tastes lighter than its amazing smell. I love it and totally recommend it!

I cannot emphasize DavidsTea’s packaging enough, even the little labels are in the shape of the cups they sell their tea in!!

So that was my weekend! I apologize for this going up so late, I was feeling a bit under the weather today 😦

Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you all next Monday!!



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