Hey everyone! So, hopefully this post will be more together than the last one! Do you ever wish you could just MAKE the leaves turn beautiful shades of autumn faster? Well, I’m here to tell you how you can, and make some cool art while doing so!

This project is great, for two reasons. First, it’s incredibly easy. It requires few supplies, and those it does are very easy to acquire. Secondly, it’s applicable to SO MANY things – textbook covers, wallpaper, wrapping paper, birthday cards, wall hangings – the list is endless!😀So, what you’re going to need:

01eac5117f4090cd03b8b8e3b031d525446e425da6– paint

– paper

– leaves

Easy, right? Totally easy.



First, take a leaf.

Now, this project can basically be summarized in three easy steps: paint, print, repeat.

Step one: Cover that leaf in paint of your choice (paint).


Step two: Press that leaf to paper (print).


Step three: Repeat until satisfied.


Now, if you want to see what I did, keep reading. If not, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to get some ideas, or just start making prints of your own!

I went over the blue print with the same leaf, only this time it was covered in green paint. 017376b5fa0187c6c94f476a09974d8e87ee394454


01cd86303704509f3813384264ece762b12a5a0d46Then I grabbed a new leaf, covered it in yellow paint, and went over the print again. Pro tip I learned whilst completing this: fold the leaves like tacos and press them together to smear the paint all over them.

Because I wanted every color of the rainbow, I went over the print twice more, each time with new leaves painted orange and red, respectively.


Voila! The finished product!

As I mentioned before, this project has infinite potential twists. Below is some other stuff I made using the same techniques. Please, put your own spin on it! I would recommend making some sweet, leafy textbook covers specifically!



Candles! I think you could use the same technique to make leopard print, too.

My attempt at a luau print…
Just random leaves, for funsies 😀








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