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DIY Shrinky Dink Pins

Hey everyone! This week I’m going to show you one of my favorite crafts ever: how to make shrinky dink pins! I’ve made a couple of “batches” of these before but I finally decide to actually make a tutorial so let’s get started!

What you will need:

-Clear Shrinky Dink Sheets

-Flat Backed Pins



-Super glue or similar

-Acrylic Paint


(Just a side note before I start I usually make a whole bunch of pins at once so thats why you’ll see lots a different pin in each step)

Alright so first your going to want to sketch (or print out) the design you want. I found the best designs are ones that relatively simple with large areas of color.


Next, place a sheet of the shrinky dink plastic over your design and trace it with a sharpie. You can use any color but just keep in mind that it may darken when the plastic is shrunk.

Then just cut it out!


Anyway, then shrink the shrinky dinks following the instructions on your packet. For me, it said to place them on a piece of butcher paper on a baking sheet and then put them in the oven for a couple minutes at 325 degrees. IMG_4490.jpg

As soon as you take them out of the oven I highly suggest using a notebook (or similar) to press them completely flat.

IMG_4492.jpgUnfortunately the earth bending symbol one completely  rolled up while baking (yes this might happen) and then didn’t unroll (which is what usually happens).

Is Toph going to steal this from some pirates or something?

Anyway here’s how the rest turned out.


Now trace each of them onto a piece of card stock.

Then cut them out. You may have to trim them to fit the size of the shrinky dink.

Now for (in my opinion) the funnest part! Painting! This is pretty easy. Just flip the shriky dink over and start painting.

Here is how I painted the rest of mine for reference

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once the paint has dried, paint the card stock with modge podge or glue and place it on the back of the shrinky dink. You may have to hold it together until it dries.

The paper I was using already had a coating on the back but if your doesn’t its a good idea to give it a coat of modge podge on the outside too.

Now if you are going to use superglue go to a ventilated area (or if your me outside).

Place a line of glue in the middle of the card stock side and put a pin in place.

Now just let them dry…

And they are all set to wear!


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