Welcome Fall!

Ok, so I know literally all of my DIYs so far have been leaf-related, so I’m sorry for adding another leaf post. However, this DIY is super simple and easy, and is excellent for adding a festive feel to your autumn abode! 011a2324bb9727afdcb6b8af18480f2854687d813c

To make this garland, you will need

  • leaves, preferably dry and fall-colored
  • a push pin
  • string
  • paint and a paintbrush

First, pick a phrase you want on the garland; I chose 0126697bcad5488adac5cd6779e1302609f87f3791“Welcome Fall.” Pick the leaves you want and arrange them to your liking. When you are done with this, mix the paint into fall colors of your choosing. I went with red and a color made by mixing red, brown, and yellow-orange together.

Next, paint the letters on the leaves.


When the paint is dry, use the push-pin to poke holes in the leaves. Make sure they are all on the same side as the main stem or your leaves will turn different ways on the string. You’ll probably need to make several holes close together and then rip them into one larger hole so that the string can fit through.014af7be15d2cdccc75d6a9393f9cf73b45b2075c8

When you have the holes poked in the leaves, measure out and cut how much string you want. String the leaves onto that length.
The next part’s simple: hang the garland and arrange the leaves until you are satisfied (e.g. moving them along the string to center them). Voila! You have a beautiful piece of home decor befitting the season!0189707be0a8c71bdaf0d9b319d64c73a12355f66a


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