Becoming the Fireside Girls pt. 3 The Sash

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get too many pictures but I will do my best to explain what I did to make each part.

I started out by making the a whole wack of badges. For these I used felt and cut out the different shapes and then hot glued them on top of each other. Now some of these badges are based off actual Fireside girls badges (courtesy the phineas and ferb wiki), some are based of some lumberjanes badges, and the rest were just made up.

For the actual sash I started with 2 yards of yellow cotton which I then cut into 4 inch strips. (You will need two strips for one sash) Then I cut a strip the same size out of fusible interfacing.

Then I ironed the interfacing to one of the yellow strips.

Then with right sides together I sewed along the two long edges of the strips.

Next, turn them inside out and iron them flat.

Now I purposefully made the length of the sash too long so that I could fit it to size. To do this I just put it over one should and pinned the two ends together so that it fit around me without falling off.

Then I marked this line and sewed along it. After that I cut off the excess.

The base sash is now done so we just have to attach the badges we made earlier. I just put on the sash and pinned the badges where I wanted them. After taking the sash off it’s just a matter of hot glueing the badges in place (make sure you take out the pins before glueing).

Now it’s done!


Cuz nothing says Halloween like an anotomically incorrect skeleton.


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