Westmount, Inktober, and Other Musings

On Sunday, I took a walk to my local library and got to explore the wonderful neighbourhood of Westmount. Westmount is known for being a well-to-do part of Montréal. I really love walking through because it has some beautiful architecture, some of which really suits my Georgian sensibilities. Case in point- this beautiful Georgian style house:

One of my favorite buildings in all of Montréal ❤

After a bit of investigation, I discovered that the above house was built in 1929, and designed by Percy Nobbs. Nobbs was born in Scotland, but most of his work is located in Montréal. In fact, Redpath Hall (building on the McGill campus) was one of his designs.

Another interesting building in the Westmount area is the Hôtel de Ville, or Town Hall.

A very majestic town hall!

It’s interesting to note that Westmount was independent of larger Montréal for a good part of its existence. It is a largely anglophone enclave and was once one the wealthiest neighbourhood in all of Canada. This has led to some friction between the leadership of Westmount and the rest of the city which is generally francophone.

In fact, Canada has a history of conflict which, although sometimes subtle, is very much present, even today.

This graffiti says- Québec a country ❤

The image above illustrates one of many political movements in Québec, the movement to separate from the rest of Canada.

Back to buildings- the Westmount Public Library is one of my new favorites. It is so serene and beautiful. Here are a few gross phone shots of the interior (cut me some slack I have 3 midterms this week).


All in all a wonderful place to study, I’ll definitely be heading back soon 🙂


Final Inktober- we had a good run!

This week’s theme, and my final Inktober piece, is my Halloween costume! I’m the scariest thing known to man- a failed midterm! Oooooooh!

That’s all folks!




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