5 Thrift Shopping Tips!

Hello everyone! Sorry about missing the last two weeks (my health was a little out of control) but I’m back this week with something a little different. Since I was a little girl, thrift shopping has been one of my favorite hobbies. Over the years I’ve collected some tidbits that help me have more fun (and “successful”) trips to the thrift store and now I’d like to share some of them with you!

1. Make sure you have enough time.

Thrift shopping takes a long time so make sure you have set aside at least an hour or you will find yourself rushing through the store, missing things, or just buying stuff without knowing if the items  fit or you even like them.

2. Wear the right clothes.

I always find myself at the thrift store, arms full of stuff, ready to try on my finds, when I look down and realize I am wearing lace up shoes, overalls, and a button up shirt. This is when I realize I messed up. For real though, wear clothes that are easy to take off and can be worn with separately (e.g. wearing jeans so you can see how different shirts look). Also if you’re body will let you walk around in them for a long time, slip on shoes are always a good idea.

3. Look in ALL the sizes and sections.

All lot of times clothes in thrift shops will be sized differently (whether it’s another country’s system of just the brand) not to mention how quickly things in thrift shops are disorganized, so make sure you check in all all the sizes and sections

4. Go in with an open mind.

If you go into a thrift shop looking for a specific piece of clothing, chances are you won’t find it but if you look around you might find something you never expected to like! I seem to find something new and unexpected almost every time I go to a thrift shop. Also keeping an open mind at thrift shops is a great way to develop your own unique sense of style.

5. If you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it!!

Seriously, if you don’t know when or with what you will ever wear something with, chances are it will just end up in the back of your closet collecting dust.

Thanks you for reading,

❤ Michelle ❤


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