DIY Kitsch Inspired Wrapping Paper


Hello! To start of this Christmas season I am going to be showing you some easy DIY wrapping paper! Because our theme this week is kitsch christmas I decided to base them off kitsch christmas card illustrations.

The first wrapping paper is based of this card:

I really liked the look of the ornaments so I decided to try and replicate it!


To begin you will need:

-Paper large enough to wrap your gift (in any color but I used white)


-Multiple of the Same Foam Shape

-Ink Pad

-Hot Glue Gun




Cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than your foam shape.


Attach it to the cardboard using the hot glue gun. Be careful not to fill in any of the holes in the shape with glue!


Attach a second foam shape on top, making sure the two line up.


Now you can just use it like a regular stamp.


Now it’s just a matter of stamping all over your paper! You can stamp randomly or in a pattern.


Here is the final product! This method will work with basically any shape or color so it can really be used for any occasion.

This next wrapping paper was inspired by two things:

First the color scheme of this image, mostly the blue.

And second,

The little star/snowflake/sparkle designs (does anyone really know what they are) on this card.

For this wrapping paper you will need:



-Paint (light teal/blue works really well for the kitsch look)


-A pencil with an eraser (that you don’t mind getting paint on)


Start by painting two lines to create an x.


Then, add two smaller between the two larger ones.


Continue making these designs all over your paper.


Dip the eraser of the pencil into the paint and dot it at the end of all the long lines



Once the paint has dried, your wrapping paper is ready to go!

Finally the last paper I will be showing you how to make was inspired by:

The aluminum trees from Charlie brown, a great example of the cheap extravagance of kitsch.


You will need:



-Paint (in any color)




I started by using a foam paintbrush to make triangles all over the paper. I found that dabbing the very tip of the sponge made the cleanest lines.


Then, I used a regular paintbrush to fill in the triangles.


Let the paint dry COMPLETELY before doing the next step.


Use the glue to make a design. Dots or the girland type of thing I did will probably give you the most kitsch look.


Quickly, before the glue dries sprinkle glitter all over any areas with glue.


Once the glue has dried, shake any excess back into the glitter container.


And heres how they look!


I decided to do a second color so I just repeated the same steps again using a different color of glitter.


Here is how the final paper turned out. Very glittery for sure.


And there you have it, three DIY wrapping papers to give your gifts a little personal touch!

❤ Michelle ❤



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