New Years Tag!

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start this year with a more casual post, a New Years tag. Typically these are done by youtubers but why not? So here it goes…

1. If you could look back on one memory from last year that you wish you could relive, what would it be?

Probably when we went to winter camp with my youth  group. The entire weekend was just so much fun and really uplifting. 

2. What was one new years resolution that you accomplished?

I didn’t make any New Years resolutions last year so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

3. 3 words to describe last year?

Difficult, strange, and emotional

4. Best music related creation/inspiration last year by an artist in your opinion?

I don’t think it came out last year but I did discover a lot of willow smiths music last year which has inspired some of my writing and art.

5. Something your looking forward to this coming year?

Making and wearing our Over the Garden Wall cosplays. Seriously I’m so excited.

6. What did last year teach you?

I guess I’m pretty strong bc I was able to make it through 2016 even though I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it a lot of the time.

7. What was your most worn clothing item of last year?

My pajama pants.

8. If you had to sum up your year in one word, what would it be


9. What are you hoping for more of this coming year?

Happiness 😊

10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

Sickness and pain!

11. Best book you read last year?

Definetly Lumberjanes. 

12. What is your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year?

I want to start recording stuff better. Like start journaling and taking more pictures.

Anyway I wish everyone the very best 2017!!!!

❤ Michelle ❤


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