In Memory of Carrie Fisher

The good news: my area is experiencing record temperatures and snow fall right now, which meant I only went to school for 1.5 days this week before departing for a three day weekend. Yay!

The bad news: the weather has made our internet a tad spotty. This is woefully late.

The old bad news: Carrie Fisher is dead.

I, like so many others, was appalled at her departure from this world. However, one can still remember her and her awesomeness, one method of doing so being blogging! So, here are just a few of the many reasons Carrie Fisher was amazing. May the force be with you always, Carrie.

  • She advocated for mental health awareness. Carrie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 24 and struggled with it throughout her life. However, she managed to turn her struggle into a lifelong mental health awareness campaign that touched countless people. Whether appearing at Comic-Con or doing television interviews, Fisher made it her mission to increase awareness about mental health and make it clear to people that they were not alone. Here’s a good list of examples, but there are so many more out there: http://www.attn.com/stories/3798/carrie-fisher-mental-health-advocate-dies-at-60
  • She was a bookworm – Carrie was apparently well-known in her family for devouring reading material, and was known as the family bookworm. As the family bookworm myself, this has special significance for me. ^u^
  • She was involved with Broadway.  Carrie first performed on Broadway in a production of Irene when she was still in high school(!!!). She later appeared in not one, not two, but three Broadway productions, including her one-woman show Wishful Drinking, adapted from her book. Just in case that didn’t fully sink in – she wrote a production that was performed on Broadway, and was its only actor for the first tours. And as if that weren’t enough, she also worked on the story for In Your Arms.
  • She was a best-selling author. Fisher has penned 7 books throughout her life, and her novel Postcards From the Edge became a bestseller, receiving the Los Angeles Pen Award for Best First Novel. It later was adapted into a movie, with Fisher herself working on the screenplay.
  • She didn’t just act in Star Wars – she wrote (parts of) it too. After the success of the original three Star Wars films, George Lucas asked her to come back and help create the prequels. Carrie Fisher contributed to the dialogue in The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clone, and Revenge of the Sith.
  • She did all this despite dealing with bipolar disorder and drug addiction throughout her life. Her struggle with bipolar disorder was a theme in many of her works, as was her addiction to cocaine, prescription drugs, and alcohol. She worked hard to break her addictions and ended up having an incredible life despite them. Pretty admirable, imo.
  • Harvard gave her its Annual Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award for Cultural Humanism in 2016, to top it all off.

R.I.P., Carrie. And thank you. 🙂















One thought on “In Memory of Carrie Fisher

  1. I was so sad when I heard Carrie had passed away. Actually weirdly enough two days before I woke up at 1 in the morning bc I had a dream where she died and I was so distraught I work up! But yes she was an amazing person and will be missed dearly!


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