Beatrice Cosplay Progress

Hey everyone! So a couple weeks ago I started working on a Beatrice (from Over the Garden Wall) cosplay for Sabrina and it’s almost finished! Here’s my process so far!

I used the 4055 simplicity pattern for the majority of this project but I did make some alterations.

Beatrice really had to use like every shade of blue in her dress didn’t she…

I pretty much just followed the pattern for the bodice.

Then I added sleeves and a waistband (which which is not in the pattern). The waistband is made of one layer of lining, one layer of interfacing, and one layer of fabric.

Then for the skirt I followed the pattern except I cut down the center of the skirt overlay to make the opening.

Then I made the ruffles by cutting a really really long strip of fabric folding it in half and then gathering the open edge. Then I sewed it onto the edge of the overlay (I have yet to sew it to the neckline)

Finally I attached the two skirt layers to the waistband.

Here’s how the dress looks like! I still have finish the ruffles, hem the underskirt, and add buttons to the back. (Btw it looks a little frumpy on this manekin bc it’s not the right size)

Anyway hope you enjoy!

❤ Michelle ❤


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