The Mighty

So if any of you are not aware, I am someone living with chronic illnesses (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) as well as depression and anxiety. Often times I feel very alone when dealing with these issues, especially when benridden for many days in a row (as I was just recently). The other day I found really cool website though. The best way to describe it is buzzfeed for sick people but better. It’s called The Mighty. Basically you can sign up and select your illnesses/symptoms (this includes mental illnesses and autism!!) and it will create a feed that relates to you! It also sends out emails with stories and encouragement and stuff.

Other than this being an awesome resource, the main reason I wanted to mention this website because this month is “My Mighty Month” where each week they are sending out challenges focusing on self care and stress reduction, maintaining social connections, and practicing mindfulness, gratitude, and kindness. I for one will definetly be trying my best to participate in as many challenges as I can!
Anyway thanks for reading!
❤ Michelle ❤


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