Lorna Cosplay Progress

Hey everyone! This week I’m going to explain how I made the skirt for my Lorna (from OTGW) cosplay.


I started by looking for fabric. After many visits to fabric stores and hours of searching online turned up fruitless, I was in Ross one day on a whim and found sheets in the perfect color! So let this be a lesson to us all that fabric can come from unexpected places. Just a side not here, the fabric looks like a different color in every photo but it’s just the lighting.

Yes, I’m cutting fabric on the ground like an animal.

Because I was using a sheet, I was able to use the hem as the hem on the skirt (saving me a ton of time). So basically I just measured from the floor to my waist and cut out a rectangle with that height and the width of the sheet.


Then, I gathered the top edge of the rectangle.

To make the waistband I cut out a rectangle the width of my waist (plus a couple inches for seam allowance) and 5 inches in height. Then I ironed in the top and bottom by 1/2 an inch. I also ironed the entire waistband in half. I attached the waistband a little bit below the gathers, along the bottom crease of the waistband.


I then added fusible interfacing to the inside of the waistband to make it sturdier but this can definitely be done before sewing it on.


I folded the waistband down and top stitched it.


Next, I sewed up the back of the skirt leaving a 10 inch opening at the top.

I folded in the waistband in with the back seam and hand sewed it down. Finally, I added a snap and eye and hook sets along the opening to close it up.img_6030

So heres how it turned out!

❤ Michelle ❤


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