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Eliza Schuyler

To finish up the Schuyler sisters trio, facts about Eliza Schuyler! *cue the start of Helpless in the background*.

  • She helped Alexander Hamilton, her husband, draft political essays. The words we think of as his could very well have been shaped by her.
  • When creditors repossessed her property after her husband’s death, she scrambled together enough money to buy it back. She did this a single mother of eight (well, technically seven, as her son Phillip died three years prior) during the eighteenth century. Wow.
  • She founded the Orphan Asylum Society, the first private orphanage in New York City.
  • She personally paid for the education of an orphan there, putting him through school all the way to West Point.
  • Soon after her husband died, her father died as well, and her eldest daughter had a mental breakdown that took quite a toll on the family.
  • Even though she was a woman in a world where her sex was generally considered to be less intelligent than men, her intellect and wit were noted throughout her life, even into her old age.
  • When she moved into her daughter’s house at the age of 91, General Winfield Scott,  Senator William Seward of New York, and President Millard Fillmore all visited to congratulate her.
  • Even as a woman in her nineties, politicians would frequently ask her opinions on new pieces of legislature.

In conclusion, Eliza Schuyler was amazing, and that pretty much sums up her life. To read more about the Hamilton-behind-the-throne, here are some links:




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